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Black Friday Deals for Paytm

Paytm, a major retailer in India, also doesn’t miss out on the hype of the Black Friday. Paytm benefits from the holiday, and so could you!

Over the years, Paytm has offered quite remarkable Black Friday deals on their marketplace. How about a 50% discount on electronics? Or on home décor? Or maybe a 50% cashback for buying Paytm’s services?

Those are the deals you would be able to get on Paytm had you shopped from them in the past years’ Black Friday. In the first case, you would be able to get what you wanted for basically half the price. In the second case, you would get half the amount of the purchase back to spend on other products or services.

In the past years, you could get your hands on an up to 50% cashback when paying electricity bills, buying bus tickets, or booking flights. Basically, you could get a cashback for any of the services offered by Paytm. The cashback amount would depend on the service though: for example, in 2016, Paytm offered up to 10%, max 1000 Rs. cashbacks for flight bookings. You could say that the cheaper the service, the bigger the cashback.

You could also get cashbacks rather than discounts on Paytm products. For example, in 2016, Paytm offered flat 40%, maximum Rs. 10.000 on musical instruments and electronics.

Sounds cool, right?

Keep in mind though that a 50% discount or flashback isn’t a deal that you’ll get necessarily. Those are the deals that people could get during the past years’ Black Fridays. Some deals went much higher, while the others much lower. Still, a 20% or even a 10% could be a huge value, especially if the product is pricey.

Paytm has also offered up to 70% discounts for international products during the last year’s Black Fridays. And since there are a lot of international products available on Paytm, getting a good bargain on Black Friday should be pretty easy.

Black Friday Deals for Electronics at Paytm

Possibly the best thing you could buy on Black Friday is electronics. Electronics is a category that usually gets the most discounts. Gadgets like smartphones or gaming headsets don’t live that long, so that isn’t unexpected. Besides, some people just can’t resist the temptation of getting the newest tech.

Nonetheless, if you have been looking to upgrade some piece of tech at home, Black Friday could be an excellent opportunity for you.

What kind of Black Friday Deals can I expect for Paytm?

So how do you know what kind of deals you could expect? On this page the deals are updated yearly. This can give you an indication of what kind of deals are upcoming every year.

On this page you can find Black Friday deals for Paytm. The deals on this page are always up to date with the upcoming Black Friday. So this could certainly give you an idea of what kind of deals you could be expecting for the upcoming Black Friday.

To be fair, you should probably avoid guessing what kind of deals you could get at Paytm in late November. Instead, we would advise you to just make a list of the things that you would want to get on Black Friday. And when you see them discounted, you should just go for them.

So yeah, the upcoming Black Friday really promises some great bargains, as always. Keep an eye out for the discounts. And when the time comes, we’ll also feature a couple of deals for you!

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