iPhone XR

In early September, Apple announced their newest iPhone models, XS, XS Max, and XR. If you have owned an older iPhone for quite some time, you may be in the temptation of buying a new one. And you wouldn’t do a wrong thing: iPhones get discontinued pretty quickly, so you better be on the latest version to be able to enjoy the latest and safest apps.

So, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were released on September 28 in India, whereas iPhone XR will become available in late October. If you haven’t yet bought one of the XS versions, then you are pretty lucky. And besides, you shouldn’t rush to pre-order the iPhone XR.

Why? Because Black Friday is just two months away!

Why buy iPhone X during Black Friday?

Let’s put it this way: if you were to buy an iPhone now – whether it is a newer or older iPhone – you would be literally throwing your money out of the window. Black Friday deals are almost here, so it wouldn’t be reasonable to buy an iPhone now. At least, it wouldn’t be unless if you have a serious reason to buy an iPhone right at the moment.

So if there is no reason for you to hurry to buy an iPhone right now, then you should wait until Black Friday.

But why wait until Black Friday? Well, for the good discounts and deals, of course! If you are a seasoned Black Friday buyer, then you certainly know that it offers some of the best shopping opportunities in India.

The thing is – in case you didn’t know – Black Friday is the primary shopping holiday in the United States. On the day after the Thanksgiving, Americans are presented with some great opportunities to buy the things they want. And the best thing about Black Friday is that its benefits can be reaped in India as well.

Typically, Black Friday deals kick off several days before Black Friday actually comes. Besides, the weekend following Black Friday usually also features some good deals. And the Monday following Black Friday – the Cyber Monday – could also have some great bargains for you.

Now, you see why you should wait for the shopping holidays to begin, right? The iPhone X, XS & XS Max, as well as iPhone XR are quite pricey, after all. And even if you are looking to get an older iPhone, you should wait until Black Friday discounts begin.

Black Friday Deals for iPhone XR

On Black Friday, you could get your hands on some products at up to 80% discounts, albeit up to about 40% discounts are more common. Still, this very much depends on the product. And in the case of iPhones, the discounts aren’t as huge, but they are still good.

Black Friday deals on iPhones, as well as other Apple products over the past years have been quite attractive. Sure, you don’t get huge discounts on iPhones like on another tech, but you are able to save juicy amounts of money on those deals. And besides, some retailers also offer large gift cards with new iPhones and Apple products.

In the past years, the deals on the newer iPhones have typically involved just some form of a cashback. Recently released iPhones and other Apple products didn’t feature any discounts: instead, the buyers of the new Apple tech received gift cards. Those gift cards could have a value of as much as $300, so people certainly were getting a good deal on the iPhones.

Here’s a small catch, however: if you simply don’t have the money to spend on the newer iPhones, then Black Friday probably won’t present any actual benefits to you. If you can’t afford an iPhone XS or whatever, then you also won’t be getting the $300 to buy other products.

You would be able to get an older iPhone at a discount though: retailers usually offered iPhone 6, 7, 8 at quite good discounts of 10 – 20%. Even if you can’t really afford the newer iPhones, then you could go for the older ones. They still are great smartphones, and if you aren’t a tech geek who absolutely needs to have the best gadget on his hands, then you will probably be more than satisfied with an iPhone 7 or 8.

Alternatively, you could look out for exchange bonuses for older iPhones. If you happen to have an old iPhone version, then you could benefit from Black Friday more. You would need to make sure though that you would get the discount and gift card benefits from exchanging your older smartphone.

We should note, however, that we can’t really predict what kind of iPhone deals will be open for you on this year’s Black Friday in India. The pricing on the newer iPhones most likely won’t change though, so be prepared for that. Some people predict already that retailers will be offering $200 – 300 gift cards and no discount on the newer iPhones.