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You have probably heard the name “Hostgator”. No wonder because they are one of the highest-rated hosting providers on the market.

Whereas numerous hosting providers provide lackluster hosting services – especially on their cheapest plans – Hostgator provides great value even on their base hosting plans.

Aside from that, Hostgator is renowned for the performance and reliability of their services. After all, Hostgator hosting is often faster than major players like Godaddy, and this certainly says something.

And they also offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so if every minute when your website is down is crucial for you, then Hostgator is a hosting to consider.

Black Friday Deals for Webhosting at Hostgator

All in all, Black Friday deals at Hostgator plans don’t differ from each other when it comes to discounts.

In past years, Hostgator offered all their plans with a 65% discount. The window for those discounts has been limited – from the beginning of the Black Friday and until the end of the weekend – so you may need to hurry.

Another kind of Black Friday deal at Hostgator is their renowned hour flash sale. Basically, they offer their plans at 80% off a few times a day in small windows lasting 1 hour. If you time things right, you could really save money on Hostgator.

Be mindful that the deals are only available for new hosting packages. Renewals are processed at regular prices. And besides, you cannot cancel an existing package and transfer to a new package to get a discount.

So, let’s move to more specific things.

The regular price for the three shared hosting plans per month is $10.95 for the Hatchling, $11.95 for the Baby, and $16.95 for the Business plan. Regardless of which plan you choose in the end, you’d still be getting a good amount off, and the longer the hosting term, the more you benefit.

But which one would you need to choose from those plans? Well, let’s break down what they offer in general:

  • The Hatchling plan offers one site with unlimited bandwidth.
  • The Baby plan offers unlimited sites with unlimited bandwidth.
  • The Business plan comes with the stuff the Baby plan has plus a dedicated IP and a Comodo Positive SSL.

Based on your needs, choose one of the plans.

Black Friday Deals for WordPress hosting at Hostgator

If you want a hosting service specifically optimized for WordPress, then Hostgator WordPress hosting would obviously be the right choice. Its plans are pricier and a bit more limited when compared to the shared web hosting plans, but that’s the price for WordPress optimization.

And because WordPress plans are pricier, you should probably wait until Black Friday deals to buy one. For some perspective, the regular monthly prices for the 3 WordPress hosting plans – Starter, Standard, and Business – are $14.95, $20.95, and $27.95 respectively.

That’s almost double the price of shared hosting plans!

Let’s now have a rundown of WordPress hosting plans’ differences:

Max sites123
Monthly average traffic100.000200.000500.000
Relative compute power2x2x5x
Free site migrationUp to 1 siteUp to 2 sitesUp to 3 sites
Auto daily database backups1 GB2 GB3 GB


“Why pay more for a WordPress hosting? You could host a WordPress site on the cheaper web hosting plans, right?”

Indeed, you could do that perfectly fine, but managed WordPress hosting has several serious benefits:

  • Increased speed.
  • Increased security.
  • More reliable.
  • Managed support.

So the technical benefits like better speed and security aside, managed support may be the best thing about WordPress hosting.

If you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, then you’ll have Hostgator’s entire technical team by your side to treat any problems. The support of shared web hosting plans is much more limited.

So, what do you think, do you need a managed WordPress hosting or not?

Black Friday Deals for VPS at Hostgator

Things get really serious with Hostgator VPS hosting, both in terms of features and pricing. Have a look:

Snappy 2000Snappy 4000Snappy 8000
Regular monthly price₹1495₹3395₹5795
CPU2 cores2 cores4 cores
Disk space120 GB165 GB240 GB
Bandwidth1.5 TB2 TB3 TB

In addition, you get 2 dedicated IP addresses, full root access, cPanel with WHM, advanced security features, and more.

If you didn’t know, VPS basically is a share of a physical server that runs on its own copy of an operating system. It is analogous to a physical server in function, but its power is just a share of that of a physical server.

If you were looking to get a VPS server, then the upcoming Black Friday is an excellent opportunity. You remember the 65% (or even 80% if you get lucky) discount, right?

Black Friday Deals for Dedicated Hosting at Hostgator

If you are looking for a Linux dedicated hosting, then you most likely don’t need an explanation of what it is.

The dedicated hosting features at Hostgator speak for themselves:

Regular monthly price₹7655₹9415₹11585
Power4 cores/8 threads8 cores/16 threads8 cores/16 threads
Disk space1 TB HDD1 TB HDD1 TB HDD

You certainly have the money if you got a large website that requires so much power. But saving more than half on dedicated hosting would be certainly nice!

Black Friday Deals for Cloud Hosting at Hostgator

Cloud hosting isn’t particularly pricey at Hostgator, but you could still save money on their plans during Black Friday.

Hatchling CloudBaby CloudBusiness Cloud
Regular monthly price₹475₹645₹875
CPU2 cores4 cores6 cores
Dedicated IPNoNoYes
Parked domainsNoUnlimitedUnlimited

So while cloud hosting isn’t that much more expensive than shared hosting, it is much more reliable and flexible. If you wanted, you could easily purchase additional RAM or cores for your cloud hosting plan.

If a Hostgator cloud hosting plan is a thing you want, then you would certainly want to check back on them during Black Friday.

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