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Never has been written more about the connection between man and culture until recently where the people of the world is submerged with busy schedule and needed a break from their hectic lives. When the demand of holidays peaked up, people started realizing the importance of cultural events and they wanted to make it a day where people can really take a day-off and communicate with their friends and family, which was absent in their days of busy lives.

Christmas is such an occasion, for which, people eagerly wait for. They shop for themselves and their family, take preparations to meet and greet people. On such occasion, Black Friday appears as the cherry on the top. Black Friday is the 4th Thursday of November which is considered to be the beginning of Christmas shopping period. Now, it would be wrong to say that only Christian people shop at Black Friday. Hindu, Muslims, Buddhists are equal contestants on these if not more. And why wouldn’t that be? Brands around the world post thousands of their products on sales, discounts, deals, buy 1 get 1 frees, etc.

Black Friday Deals for Flipkart

Flipkart Private Limited, India’s largest online store, never lags behind when it comes to special deals on clothes, electronics, appliances, furniture, cars-bikes, books, etc. Not only the conventional products, Flipkart also has products from brands that are well recognized worldwide, say Apple, Chemistry and Adidas. Items of Posterboy, Huppme and Muggies magic are also available in case if you are wondering about new upcoming brands. To introduce this e-commerce company, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the first two people to be mentioned. They were the founders of the online store, Flipkart, which started its journey in 2007. The company is based in Bengaluru, India, and has a 39.5% market share of India’s e-commerce industry, making it to be one of the largest online stores to compete with the giant, Amazon India. In today’s date, Flipkart is known to be the revolutionizer in online shopping industry with its ideal delivery services, amazing order-tracking abilities, prominent 24*7 customer care, great return and exchange policies, and of course, extensive range of products to cater the different needs of Indian people.

With the blessing of Black Friday, multiple stores offer amazing extravagant deals not only on tech but also non-tech products. Here, it is important to mention that “Black Friday Sales” is still at the introductory stage and fairly new concept in India. It is mostly limited to e-commerce sector unlike Diwali, Dusshera, Durga Puja, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi and other major festive shopping periods.

But thanks to the tech-savvy young population and growing e-commerce industry, Black Friday has crossed western oceans and stepped its firm foot in the Indian market holding hands of Flipkart and Amazon India. Though there was no official participation of Flipkart last year (2017) in terms of Black Friday, still it offered some amazing deals that were enough to bring immense traffic on its site. Products were bought and there was an upswing of sales, which by no means a ‘surprise’- of course, who doesn’t love sales?

Usually the sale of Black Friday starts from November 24-27, more precisely, the day after US Thanksgiving holiday. Now last year, Flipkart offered up to 70% discount on its fashion wear to lure customers on its site. Not to mention it was the highest discount offered than any of its competitors on Black Friday. For example, Amazon India offered only up to 40% discount on the international brands it sells. H&M India, on the other hand, offered 50% Price Cut on its collection of men, women and kids wear. Not only fashion wear, Flipkart also had retail rush on Nokia 6.1 Plus, Samsung galaxy note 9, iPhone X, iPhone 8, Nikon camera, Canon DSLR, Android Television, LG Washing Machine, Adidas/Reebok/Nike shoes, Jewelry, Indian traditional dresses etc. This rush shows that customers are interested to buy goods and services from Flipkart. For example, to directly quote Mr. Anuj Khurana who works at Agency India, he said that “..I don’t care if it is on BlackFriday or 15th august or whichever day but if Flipkart offered deep discounts on any day i will definitely vote with my credit card”. (Quora, 2012). He also added that he made purchases of $1500 over the 2 days span of Black Friday sales. Now, this is only one example from a country of 1,357,130,707 populations. Demand is huge, disposable income is high and there are people who desperately wait for such sales throughout the year; Flipkart have a huge opportunity and it is surely planning to bring more deals this year.

Interestingly Diwali will be on November 7 this year, only a few days prior Black Friday. Consumers have double reason to hold high expectations from Flipkart, which it plans to satisfy by offering a huge number of interesting discounts and offers. It will have Price Offs on various categories like electronics, mobile phones, TVs, home, furniture, fashion, lifestyle and more., Consumers can also see certain products with a price off up to 90% off and ‘Dhamaka Deals’ will be an additional attraction. There will be exchange offers, flat discounts, cash backs as well. Not only these, “Big Billion Day Sale” will start soon on Flipkart website, expected date to be 10th-15th October, 2018 – thus Indians have more reason to start saving from now.

The time period between the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas has the potential to make or break a retailer. Flipkart surely knows this and with various plans, projects and programs, it is gradually moving forward to reach its ultimate goal “To become the Amazon of India”.

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